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Ultra-slim Hard formula

Slim Hard Auto Brow

Delicate look created by the slim tip, natural look made by the hard formula

Product features

Recommended for
  • Normal or thick eyebrows
  • Light hair color
  • For natural eyebrow makeup

It has a very thin yet strong lead that helps delicately draw each brow for a natural eyebrow look

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Slim Hard Auto Brow
Slim Hard Auto Brow

Color chart : Natural Brow Auto Pencil

No.1 Yellow Brown Color chip No.1 Yellow Brown
No.2 Mocha Brown Color chip No.2 Mocha Brown
No.3 Ash Brown Color chip No.3 Ash Brown
No.4 Natural Grey Color chip No.4 Natural Grey
No.1 Yellow Brown

For lightly dyed hair / For yellow-based brown hair

No.2 Mocha Brown

For red-based medium brown hair

No.3 Ash Brown

For red-based medium brown hair

No.4 Natural Grey

For untreated, natural hair or ash-colored hair

How to

How to Use Slim Hard Auto Brow

  1. STEP 1.

    From the center to the end of your eyebrow, draw the outline of the desired shape.

  2. STEP 2.

    Along the outlined shape, fill in by drawing one hair at a time.

  3. STEP 3.

    Fill in the inner corner of your eyebrow, making sure the color is gradated and not too dark.

  4. STEP 4.

    Using the brush on the other end, comb the brow along the texture while gently blending each hair to create a natural look.

  5. STEP 5.

    The result is naturally shaped and colored eyebrows.


What’s special about Slim Hard Auto Brow?

  • Hard but delicate formula

    1.5mm slim but hard formula gives a delicate touch on each of the eyebrow hairs

    SECRET 1. Hard but delicate formula
  • The texture of the wooden pencil

for a natural color

    It gives the crisp touch of a wooden pencil and a natural color even after multiple applications

    SECRET 2. The texture of the wooden pencil for a natural color
  • All-day-lasting formula

    It uses a base that adheres well with the skin to help avoid fading from sebum and sweat

    SECRET 3. All-day-lasting formula

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