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Tone-up booster Light tone skin

Radian-C Cream

Vitamin cream that brightens skin from its core with the power of the super #tone-up booster.

Product features

passing second,
your skin loses part of
its glow.

  1. Exposure to indoor/outdoor light

    (Fine dust, UV rays, blue light, etc.)
  2. Increase in melanin production

  3. Hyperpigmentation of skin

    (dull & uneven skin tone)

Daily routines that call for

skin tone care

  • I enjoy weekly outdoor activities

    such as jogging, golf, tennis, etc.

  • I use my laptop 24/7

    for work & school

  • My phone never leaves my hand

    until the moment I fall asleep

If two or more applies to you,
brighten up your skin from the core
with Radian-C Cream.

Enriched with a powerful Tone-up Booster, LANEIGE Radian-C Cream visibly brightens your skin in just 2 weeks

radian-c cream

*Dullness -30%

**Redness -36%

**Skin barrier +67%

*Results after 2 weeks of use.
**Results after 1 week of use. /
Temporary redness due to external irritation.
***Results 1 hour after use.

Total of 600,000 jars sold
Customer rating 4.7/5!

*Customer ratings on AP Mall and MBS
(As of Nov. 30, 2021)

radian-c cream

  • Sister's new pick lip mask 1st 2020.04 Unnie's New Pick
    No.1 Cream,
    April 2020
  • first half of 2020 winner cream section UNPA
    1H 2020 Cream
    Rookie of the Year
    2020 Glowpick
  • vitamin cream 1st No. 1 selling
    vitamin cream
    based on sales on AP Mall
    Jan. 1 - Nov. 30, 2021


reviews testifying
the #glowy benefits

#Powerful tone-up booster My skin got so much brighter that people ask me if I get facials.

5 stars / jabg**** 22.02

#Moisture sealer My skin easily becomes chapped and flaky in winter - this no longer happens since I started using this product!

5 stars / Dmsr**** 21.12

#Daily Skincare Staple This is literally my 6th jar. There's nothing else like this.

5 stars / St22**** 22.04

Satisfied by the changes in skin the day after product application. 100% The product effectively decreases dark spots. 96.6%

Satisfaction assessment after using Radian-C Cream for 28 days /
Dermapro / 30 women in their 20s-40s / 2019.10.14 - 2019.11.19

  • #Tone-up boosting
  • #Blemish control
  • #Kind-to-skin mild formula

01 The dual vitamin blend
your skin tone from the core

Our potent blend of 8.5%
Vitamin C EAE + Vitamin E
doubles the antioxidant effects

30% reduction of dullness in just 2 weeks

30% reduction of dullness in just 2 weeks After exposure to blue light Day 7 -26.46% Day 14 -30.38%

*Changes in Melanin Index
Tested by: IEC Korea / Test period: 2019.08.19 - 2019.09.10
Subjects: 20 women aged 24-49 / Target area: Back (total 6 areas) /
Results may vary by individual.

02 Melasolv, a patented brightening
ingredient effectivenly addresses
dullness & blemishes

Melasolv has the same brightening effect

as 20x the amount of Niacinamidea

Patent no. 10-2016-0140425 (KR)
3,4,5-Trimethoxy cinnamic acid ester derivatives, preparation method thereof,
and skin whitening composition comprising the same.

Radian-C Cream

03 A formula mild
enough to use in the morning

3 tests completed

  • Dermatologist
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-

A kind-to-skin formula gentle
enough for irritated skin

Increase in moisture levels in a skin with inflamed skin barrier

Increase in moisture levels in a skin with inflamed skin barrier *Repair rates of skin barrier 67.174%  **Increase in  levels 78.517%

Tested by: Dermapro / Test period: 2019.10.14 - 2019.11.19
Subjects: 30 women aged 24-49 / Target area: Facial area /
Results may vary by individual.
*Results 1 hour after use. / Temporary improvement
**Results right after use.


A rich formula with a light finish

radian-c cream demonstration


Radian-C Advanced Effector
Radian-C Spot Serum
  1. STEP 1
    Dampen a cotton pad with
    Advanced Effector then gently
    wipe your face.
  2. STEP 2
    Release 2 drops of Radian-C
    Ampoule containing 15.2%
    pure vitamin C.
Radian-C Cream
Radian-C Suncream
  1. STEP 3
    Gently apply Radian-C Cream
    containing 8.5% vitamin C
    derivative .
  2. STEP 4
    In the morning,
    apply the Radian-C
    Sun for a layer of protection.

Ideal pair

Don’t forget to
#Tighten after you #Brighten!

  • radian-c cream demonstration

    Radian-C Cream

    Radian-c Cream

  • radian-c cream demonstration

    Perfect Renew Youth Retinol

    Perfect Renew
    Youth Retinol

Sustainable Principles of
Radian-C Cream

FSC MIX Packaging

FSC paper used

LANEIGE uses FSC-certified paper for its packages for a sustainable forestry.

radian-c cream

Use of sustainable palm oil.

This cream contains sustainable palm oil produced without deforestation.

radian-c cream

Biodegradability of 82.30%

This cream increased the content of
biodegradable ingredients to reduce the
product’s impact on aquatic
environments and to focus on benefiting
the skin.