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Nourish & Hydrate Smooth, soft, supple lips

Lip Sleeping Mask EX

This nourishing overnight lip mask is enriched with Berry Fruit Complex, Vitamin C, and coconut oil to leave lips soft and visibly smooth.

Product features

Don’t miss out the
prime time to care
for your lips!

Does your facemask dry up your lips? Flakiness showing under a matte lip? Does your lips feel unquenchably dry even after using a lip balm?

Why our Lips Chap

Lip skin Thin skin protective layer Skin on other areas Thick skin protective layer

Composed of a thin surface epidermis
without sebaceous glands to produce a
protective oil layer, our lips tend to be more
vulnerable to dryness and chapping.

Lip Care Prime Time

Moisture level of the cheeks / Moisture level of the lips / PM8 PM12 AM4

Compared to the daytime, moisture levels of
our lips drop radically during the night while
we’re asleep. Lips have a higher level of
moisture evaporation than our cheeks.

What our lips
go through a day

Soften the flakiness
and lock the moisture over the night
with our Lip Sleeping Mask.

Lip Sleeping Mask review

Global Bestseller

  • Sister's new pick lip mask 1st 2021.03
  • 2021 GLOWPICK AWARDS lip mask 1st
Lip Sleeping Mask
Lip Sleeping Mask

#Baby soft lips

Put on a generous amount, go to bed then rub it off the next morning using a lip scrub. You'll be able to have pillowy soft baby lips...!!!

5 stars / SARA****/NAVER

#Make-up gripper

I lover that my lips are effortlessly exfoliated when I wash my face the next morning and take makeup well.

5 stars / HOLY****/NAVER

#Seriously Sweet Dreams

My dog tries to lick it because it smells so sweet, but that sweetness makes me feel good when I sleep.

5 stars / YESE****/NAVER


  • #Smoothens lips
  • #Locks in Moisture
  • #Kind to lips

Intense in moisture. Rich in Antioxidants
The pout-perfecting formula,
Berry Fruit Complex+
Vitamin C

Replenish moisture lost overnight,
smoothen chapped lips,
and nourish them up with antioxidants!

Changes in Dead Skin Cells Before use 8hrs later 40.4% decrease
  • Tested by: Dermapro / Subjects: 32 women aged 25-35
  • Test period: 2021.11.15 - 2021.11.26 (1 week)

Coconut oil
locks the moisture overnight,
the time when moisture
evaporation rate increases

Changes in Skin Moisture Level Before use 8hrs later 63.6% increase
  • Tested by: Dermapro / Subjects: 32 women aged 25-35
  • Test period: 2021.11.15 - 2021.11.26 (1 week)

A kind-to-lips
mild formula

Gently take care of your lips
with the dermatologist tested
mild formula


Rich formula with a soft-fitting finish


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  • LANEIGE - Grapefruit Lip Sleping Mask
  • LANEIGE - Berry Lip Sleeping Mask
  • LANEIGE - Mint Choco Lip Sleeping Mask

Sustainable Principles of
Lip Sleeping Mask

FSC MIX Packaging

FSC paper used

LANEIGE uses FSC-certified paper for its packages for a sustainable forestry.