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Anti-Aging Serum Triple Shot Serum

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

Anti-aging serum combining three different serums in one bottle that visibly address wrinkles (yellow), firmness (white) and radiance (brown), to help minimize signs of visible aging and reveal a healthy glow appearance.

Product features

Does our skin age slowly?

Accelerated Aging
progresses radically from around the age of  35
Perfect Renew 3X Graph

*Source : Amorepacific R&D Center Report, based on 231 Korean women in their 20s-60s in Korea.

Concurrent & Multiple

Signs of #Accelerated Aging

  • Loss of

  • Appearance of
    Fine Lines

  • Dullness

  • Face looks bigger
    than usual?

  • Make-up caking in
    between fine lines?

  • Acne scars that
    do not fade?

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum Model

Perfect Renew’s
#firmness_glow_texture care

The Next Level

Anti-aging Care

Perfect Renew 3X Emulsion

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

Three different
anti-aging serums in one bottle


anti-aging power.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

*Based on in-vitro test results for 3XTM compared to white ginger root extract,
the main ingredient of pre-AD Perfect Renew



1.51x* stronger
anti-aging synergy effect
by using three serums together.

*Based on firmness improvement figures
after using the three serums together
compared to using one serum(measured immediately after application).

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

Triple-layer Targeting

Effectively targets signs of aging
in each skin layer**

Improvements : wrinkles -48%, firmness +58%, glow +66%*

*Self-scoring evaluation with 31 women aged 20-55 after 4 weeks of use.
**Refers to skin layers in the epidermis.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum Model


Combination of 3 Serums.
Unlocks the Secret to More Anti-aging Power.

  1. Wrinkle Serum

    Reduces appearance of
    wrinkles and refines skin texture

    2.5 Million Retinol Capsules
    + Ceramide in Every Drop

  2. Strengthens skin firmness
    in the middle skin layer*

    21.5% Collagen Peptide

    *Refers to skin layers in the epidermis.

    Firming Serum
  3. Radiance Serum

    inner skin radiance

    Low Molecular Weight
    RE.D Flavonoid + Ferulic Acid

The key to anti-aging,
first developed by Amorepacific R&D Center.

Amorepacific’s patented

RE.D Flavonoid

RE.D Flavonoid/certifications
Aged Cell (PDK-1) Targeting Technology

Reverse-aging technology selectively removes
aged skin cells (PDK-1) and replaces it
with young and strong cells

The highest hit rate for aging factors
among over 70 anti-aging ingredients
RE.D Flavonoid

Targeting Aging Factor
with RE.D Flavonoid

Activation of Aging Factor (PDK-1) Aged skin / After treatment of RE.D Flavonoid

3 separate cylinders
for higher stability!

Three different serums
sealed individually to maintain
the utmost freshness of each drop.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

Twist-up type

packaging design
to maintain product freshness
like a time capsule
intended to block out light

*Keep the product closed when not in use.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum


3 different serums
3 different particle sizes
fast and deep penetration + skin-friendly formula

Rediance / Firming / Wrinkle Serum
  1. Wrinkle Serum

    Largest particle size

    Oil drop formula

  2. Firming Serum

    Middle particle size

    O/W emulsion formula

  3. Radiance Serum

    Smallest particle size

    Water gel-based formula

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum 3 textures

3 powerful anti-aging serums

yet skin-friendly
with pH 5.7

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum Model


7 FREE formula

7-Free (Synthetic pigments, mineral oil,
triethanolamine, polyacrylamide,
imidazolidinyl urea, talc, gluten)


Scored “0”
for skin irritation tests

Dermatologist tested

Hypoallergenic tested

Skin patch tested

Research results

Innovative cosmetics,

Do they
really work?

  • #Anti-wrinkle Effect

    Under-eye Area

    Under-eye Area

    *Clinical data from subjects with top 26 results, out of 31.

    Nasolabial Lines

    Nasolabial Lines

    *Clinical data from subjects with top 12 results, out of 31.

  • #Firmness Improvement

    Dermal Density Improvement

    Dermal Density Improvement / Before use / After 4 weeks of use

    Green: Essential elasticity component in skin
    *Clinical data from subjects with top 18 results, out of 31.

  • #Glowy Skin Appearance (experienced by tester group)

    Skin Glow Improvement / Before use / After 1 day

    *Above images are from reviews provided by the tester group
    and there may be individual differences in the glow appearance.

From wrinkles, firmness to radiance,
experience visibly younger-looking skin

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

*Based on the self-scoring portion of 4-week clinical study on 31 women ages 20 to 55 in Korea
**Based on clinical data results of 1-week clinical study on 31 women ages 20 to 55 in Korea

“ Are you willing to buy
this product? ”

100% of participants
said YES!

  • 100%

    Fines lines of the face felt
    to have been reduced.

  • 100%

    The skin feels
    firmer and bouncier.

  • 96.77%

    The skin
    seems to have a glow.

*Satisfaction results of a test with 31 women aged 20-55
after using Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum for 4 weeks in Korea.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum

The Best Results
Created by 3 anti-aging skincare experts

  • anti-aging skincare expert/Jo Shi-young

    Ingredient combination for the greatest synergy “We had to find ingredients that were capable of inducing a different level of synergy, through which we would be able to address signs of aging in each skin layer while creating a powerful synergy effect at the same time.”

  • anti-aging skincare expert/Jang Ji-hye

    A formula designed for the maximum effect “The formula has to be designed to deliver the benefits of its ingredients to the skin. That’s why the 3 serums have different textures. This is a powerful anti-aging serum, but it has a mild pH 5.7 formula, which is the key part of this.”

  • anti-aging skincare expert/Park Hyuk-gon

    An anti-aging innovation verified through 300 tests “Each serum alone already has a strong effect. But I can never forget the moment when I witnessed the synergy from using all three of them together.”

Based on 29 years of
LANEIGE skincare expertise.


Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum's review

Insta: joo** / It feels like using a primer. The skin becomes amazingly smooth.

Insta: tyse** / I love that the formula doesn't have a rich texture, yet it still feels highly nourishing.

Insta: rissp** / The noticeable benefit is that your skin becomes clearer. So many people have told me that my skin glows...!

Tester group period : Nov 2022 ~ Dec 2022


#Accelerated Aging Solution
Perfect Renew 6-Step Anti-aging Routine
STEP 1 3x skin refiner / STEP 2 3x signature serum / STEP 3 3x emulsion / STEP 4 3x cream / STEP 5 5d sun essence / STEP6 youth retinol cream


Dispense 1-2 times
then lightly massage onto the skin.

  1. 01

    The airless pump may initially
    contain a small amount of air.
    Pump until all three serums
    are dispensed simultaneously.

  2. 02

    The remaining amount of the
    three serums may vary at the end of usage.
    As each serum is a powerful
    anti-aging serum on its own,
    be sure to finish them all!

  3. 03

    If all three serums are not dispensed
    at the same time and
    1-2 formulas are not released,
    hold the bottle upside down,
    tap the bottom of the bottle
    2-3 times then try again.

Perfect Renew 3X Signature Serum