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Evolution of mascara Eyelash curler-free

Lash Lift Volume Mascara

Light-weighted mascara that effectively curls up the eyelashes even without a curler and gives volume with each sweep

Product features

Recommended for
  • Thin and droopy eyelashes
  • For dramatic curling

With power curling and volume control effects, you can curl up the eyelashes without the use of a curler and add volume that’s just right for your eyelashes with each sweep!

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
Lash Lift Volume Mascara
Lash Lift Volume Mascara
How to

How to Use Lash Lift Volume Mascara

  1. STEP 1.

    Option A. For a dramatic curling effect, use an eyelash curler in advance. Option B. For a natural curling effect, apply mascara without using an eyelash curler.

  2. STEP 2.

    Put the flat side of Flat Brush close to the roots of the eyelashes and brush up from the inside in a zigzag motion.

  3. STEP 3.

    To achieve a maximized curling effect, fix the applicator at the end of the eyelashes, then maintain it for five seconds to settle the curl.
    *Apply 2-3 times more to get the amount of volume you want and ensure that the curl stays in place for a long time.

  4. STEP 4.

    Use the small edge side of Flat Brush to brush up each lash for a more defined lower eyelashes look.

Technical Features

What’s special about Lash Lift Volume Mascara?

  • Dramatic curling with the flat brush

    A special resilient flat brush applicator that plumps each lash powerfully by a single touch

    SECRET 1. Dramatic curling with the flat brush
  • Volume Control with each application

    The lightweight formula coats each lash without clumping to create a defining full look

    SECRET 2. Volume Control with each application
  • Eyelash curler-free

    It has a power curling formula that curls up eyelashes from the roots without the need of a curler yet still creates a long-lasting curl

    SECRET 3. Eyelash curler-free

Luminous Live #Lash Lift Volume Mascara

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