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All-in-one makeup base Brightening makeup base

Skin Veil Luminizing Base

Functional makeup base for elegantly glowing skin and long-lasting makeup

Product features

Recommended for
  • Dull complexion
  • For skin tone-up effect
  • For long-lasting makeup

It is a makeup base forms a silky sheen over the skin for a complexion that glows elegantly from all angles.

LANEIGE Product Development Team
Skin Veil Luminizing Base

What’s special about Skin Veil Luminizing Base?

  • 95% pure gold powder

    Combination of 95% pure gold powder, niacinamide and lotus flower extract for an elegant yet natural glow

    SECRET 1. 95% pure gold powder
  • Air-light veil formula

    Texture that feels as light as a veil blends in seamlessly with the skin to last for a long time

    SECRET 2. Air-light veil formula
  • Strong UV protection & Anti-pollution

    The formula with SPF50+ and PA+++ protects the skin from not only UV rays, but also fine particulate matter

    SECRET 3. Strong UV protection & Anti-pollution
How to

How to Use Skin Veil Luminizing Base

* Shake well before use

  1. STEP 1.

    Use before applying foundation or cushion compact after basic skincare routine.
    Take an adequate amount, evenly apply on the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, and chin as if applying lotion on the skin.

  2. STEP 2.

    Provides a natural glow skin base!

    * LANEIGE Skin Veil Luminizing Base has low-viscosity texture and it can flow out after use. Make sure that you keep the cap closed.

  3. TIP 1.

    When you finish face makeup, take a small amount and apply it on your forehead and nose to use it as a natural glow highlighter

  4. TIP 2.

    Use it in part with Skin Veil Base to create a perfect base makeup, from color correcting to glowing skin expression


Makeup look recommendation

NATURAL DAYLIGHT Daylight skin makeup that brightens and makes your skin look natural.

Best combination suggested by Laneige BM

For more light and natural face makeup