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Rosy color Two-in-one cushion

Layering Cover Cushion

2-in-1 cushion that creates a perfect lasting bright makeup look through the layering of concealer and foundation

Product features

Recommended for
  • For dull skin
  • For natural full coverage makeup
  • For an easy makeup touch-ups

It combines cushion foundation and concealer for a natural healthy complexion and full coverage

- LANEIGE Product Development Team
It fully covers skin imperfections and yet creates a natural healthy complexion

Rosy color suggestion for your skin tone!

No.11 Color chip No.11
No.13 Color chip No.13
No.21 Color chip No.21
No.23 Color chip No.23
No.31 Color chip No.31
No.33 Color chip No.33
No.35 Color chip No.35
No.37 Color chip No.37
Perfect rosy coverage and vital energy of Layering Cover Cushion
How to

How to Use Layering Cover Cushion

STEP 1. Use Concealer Puff
Applying Concealing Base on the Layering zone to cover blemishes perfectly and even out skin texture.
STEP 2. Use Air Puff for Cushion
Express natural cover finish in rose tone by applying on the entire face with layering Cover Cushion.

2-WAY Layering Puff for Layering Cover

A. Concelaer puff

Semi-matte finish

B. Air Puff for Cushion

Hydro-radiant finish


What’s special about Layering Cover Cushion?

  • It is a high-coverage stick concealer put into a cushion with such a texture that melts and blends in well with the skin at skin temperature and with the pressure of the cushion puff

    SECRET 1. Glide-on texture and perfect blending Aqua Melting Technology
  • Bright Pink Lighting effect

Illuminating Jewel Powder

    Jewel Powder adds dimension to the skin through Pink Lighting effect upon application for skin that’s fully covered yet healthy looking

    SECRET 2. Bright Pink Lighting effect Illuminating Jewel Powder
  • Full of moisture

    Ingredients, such as French sparkling water, Hydro Ion Mineral Water, and lychee fruit extract, provide a moisturizing effect along with a cooling sensation to keep the skin moisturized and comfortable

    SECRET 3. Full of moisture "Water Capture System"

Customer Reviews Layering Cover Cushion