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Looks as if not drawn Natural eyebrow

Natural Brow Auto Pencil

Auto-pencil eyebrow liner that glides on smoothly for a delicate and dimensional look of the eyebrows

Product features

Recommended for
  • For long-lasting eyebrow makeup
  • Looking for an easy-to-use auto-type eyebrow pencil

It absorbs sweat and sebum thanks to its absorbing formula for eyebrow makeup to stay put all day long

- LANEIGE Product Development Team

Color chart : Natural Brow Auto Pencil

No.1 Mocha Brown Color chip No.1 Mocha Brown
No.2 Stone grey Color chip No.2 Stone grey
No.1 Mocha Brown
No.2 Stone grey

How to Use Natural Brow Auto Pencil

1. To draw even and natural-looking eyebrows, start at the outer tip. Connect the highest point of the arch to the outer tip of the eyebrows.
2. Fill in the center and arch of the eyebrows with light diagonal strokes.
3. Use the enclosed screwed brush to blend out the inner corner of the eyebrows.


What’s special about Natural Brow Auto Pencil?

  • Creamy texture for a delicate eyebrow look

    It has a solid texture that goes on smoothly to draw a clearly defined line

    SECRET 1. Creamy texture for a delicate eyebrow look
  • Long-lasting makeup

    Porous powder absorbs sweat and sebum to keep the eyebrow makeup from fading and stay put for long hours

    SECRET 2. Long-lasting makeup

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