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 Illustration Perfect Renew 3x
 Skin Veil Base’s Illustration Exhibition Site
 Illustration of Cream Skin Cerapeptide™ Refiner
 Illustration of Waterbank Cream
 Radian-C Cream's Illustration Exhibition Site
 Neo Cushion's Illustration Exhibition Site
 Illustration of Waterbank Cream
 Neo Cushion's Illustration Exhibition Site
 an illustration of perfect renew 3x
 an illustration of Cream Skin Cerapeptide™ Refiner
skin veil base Illustration Exhibition Site
 Waterbank Cream and Serum Illustration Exhibition Site


퍼펙트리뉴3x 일러스트
크림스킨 일러스트
워터뱅크크림 일러스트
네오쿠션 일러스트
래디언-C 크림 일러스트 전시현장
스킨베일베이스 일러스트
스킨베일베이스 일러스트 전시현장
래디언-C 크림 일러스트
네오쿠션 일러스트 전시현장


Experience a pleasant change in life through
art projects presented by LANEIGE!

LANEIGE Illustrated image
 Illustration of LANEIGE Skin Veil Base
 HOPE Rocket Shape Illustration Image
 Product illustration image of LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK [BERRY]

Laneige Meets Arts Artist NOVO

NOVO crosses genres including installations, paintings and performances to tell us
stories of art, culture and the artist’s personal experiences in a witty manner.

His bright work full of hopeful energy begins by discovering new meanings from his joyful youth, such as the drawings he made when he was a kid. His emotions, which are aroused from this experience, are presented in an unabashed way. He continues to create and maintain his work with the countless conversations he shares with his favorite people as a motif. He rejects settling on a single style or category. Instead, he challenges conventional ideas and evolves by engaging in a variety of dialog with those who face his work through the form of stage art or collaborations with different brands.

물방울 모양 일러스트
 9 illustration images in the shape of a square puzzle


ALWAYS HOPE YOU home interior image ALWAYS HOPE YOU home interior image
MY lips are very precious home interior image

Happinesswith LANEIGE.
In my definition, Happiness means Love Yourself.

I often use the word, happy.
I am a kind of person who tries to love oneself and feels happy when I collect beautiful things of whatever description.
In my studio full of things I love, I reinterpret them in my own style and put it on the canvas.

The main purpose of a beauty brand is to create a beautiful appearance. However, I asked myself,
“What is my idea of beauty?” after meeting LANEIGE and I wanted to search for the answer together.
And the answer was near at hand. Whenever I talked with people running the brand LANEIGE, I felt that they were as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.
Through talking with them, I realized that pursuing beauty is a way of loving oneself.

Self-love leads to happiness and we all must keep trying to be happy.
Hopefully, this collaboration brings happiness to everyone who enjoy the search of their true self.

By Artist NOVO
An illustration image of a teddy bear
LANEIGE LIP Sleeping Mask [Vanilla] 20g Illustrated image
LANEIGE Illustrated image

A reinterpretation of LANEIGE products
based on the perspective of NOVO

WaterBankBlueHyaluronicCream 일러스트
PerfectRenew3xSignatureSerum 일러스트
CreamSkinRefiner 일러스트
NeoCushion Illustrated image
“RadianC” Illustrated image
WaterBank Illustrated image
SkinVeilBase Illustrated image

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Hope you smile a lot Water Bank Cream

Stay happy with recharged, hydro-repaired skin

I loved the idea that the Water Bank Cream can effectively hydrate parched skin.
When reminiscing the times when I had dry skin, it was actually painful to fully smile and laugh.
From this piece, I wanted to send the message that we all can be carefree and fully smile
as the Water Bank Cream recharges our skin with moisture.
You would immediately feel relieved when finding a gas station in the middle of the road while driving on low gas.
I, thus, drew the Water Bank station sign and the imaginary Water Bank pump in the hopes of them recharging dehydrated skin.
The roly poly also represents strong, resilient skin for any bad condition it may experience.
And last but not least, the gently floating boat indirectly shows smooth skin texture after it is cared with Water Bank Cream.

By Artist NOVO

Three things for us Perfect Renew

Triple-layer skincare solution for a timeless life.

It was interesting to see that a single product holds up to three skincare solutions that are fonded by so many.
With the objects seen in the artwork, I wanted to express the time in our lives when we are most comfortable
in our own skin and the desire to maintain that time period as long as possible.
The digital clock represents a timeless life, the yellow book symbolizes a good night’s sleep,
and the dancing sheep with the musical notes show vitality.
The clovers on the playing card not only re-represents the skincare solutions
but also the luck that brought us together. Last but not least,
the checkered pot carries a botanical plant called the ‘pilea peperomioides’ which holds the meaning ‘love with luck.’

By Artist NOVO

First things first Cream Skin

Begin with what creates the skin to hydrate itself.

My first impression of the product was positive due to its mild formula and its environmentally friendly bottle.
First impressions are as important as what we apply first on our skin
because good things are bound to happen if we begin with a good start. Most people first resonate the product with milk.
The open milk carton represents the hope for more people to use the product while the cactus inside
the smiley pot symbolizes dryness and sensitivity.
The water drops from the watering can gives the message to alleviate the negativity as the compass acts as the right navigator
for anyone who is trying to begin his or her skincare journey.

By Artist NOVO

Morning Glory Neo Cushion

I worked on this piece imagining NEO Cushion being a part of my morning routine.
When I come to work, the first thing I do is to put a record on my turntable and drink coffee.
I wanted to create an image of NEO Cushion being carelessly put on a turntable instead of a vinyl.
Morning Glory is one of the songs I always listen to, and the title literally feels like our face when we put on the cushion.

By Artist NOVO

Every day bright Radian-C Cream

“When I first saw Radian-C Cream, I thought it looked like a tennis ball, probably because of its shape and texture.
This image tries to convey the idea of lively and vibrant energy with balls bouncing over the tennis court.
A pencil is something that we keep near us and use,
and signifies that it has to be the same way with Radian-C.”

By Artist NOVO

Water Bank Water Bank

This piece conveys the message: listen to the stories your skin is telling you,
like the way you pay attention to the sound of a large radio player.
Products are arranged where the speaker is, and the moisture is dancing to the rhythm in the middle.

By Artist NOVO

Always Hope You Skin Veil Base

Things and Skin Veil Base on the desk are leaning against each other.
Good balance is important, not only in our everyday life but also on the skin.
This illustration represents how LANEIGE wishes for you to get beautifully balanced skin through Skin Veil Base before makeup.
N, S, E and W hidden in the illustration symbolize the compass that helps us find the direction.

By Artist NOVO

 Color pencil illustration image
 Emoticons Illustrated Image
Illustrated image of Radian-C Cream
 Illustrated image of WATER SLEEPING MASK_EX