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Customized tone-up Premium Makeup Base NO. 1

Skin Veil Base_EX

Tone-correcting makeup base for natural, bright skin

Product features

Recommended for
  • To have bright, revitalized skin tone
  • To provide tone correction and yellowish tone cover
  • To have light, refreshing makeup base

It’s a premium No.1 makeup base* instantly provides a bright,
revitalized skin look for any skin condition or circumstances.

*as of 2Q 2020 China Kantar World Panel
Skin Veil Base_EX

Skin Veil Base is upgraded as Skin Veil Base_EX.

  • Intricate tone correction by<br/>base master Laneige

    This makeup base is produced by Laneige, which has been conducting studies on skin tone for more than 15 years. It makes skin tone revitalized under any circumstances.

    SECRET 1. Intricate tone correction by
    base master Laneige
  • 12H bright, refreshing makeup

    The compound of anti-oxidant substances, oil-resistant powder, and pine needle extract maintains bright tone-up for long hours.
    Confirmed long-lasting makeup. Pore/Skin texture cover and 12-hour oil control effects(Clinically tested)

    SECRET 2. 12H bright, refreshing makeup
  • Anti-pollution, strong skin protection

    Provides strong defense for skin under an ultra-fine dust environment by blocking external contaminants with JadesphereTM that filters fine dust.

    SECRET 3. Anti-pollution, strong skin protection

Tone-up with suitable colors under any circumstances

No.40 Pure Violet
                No.40 Pure Violet
No. 60 Mint Green
                No. 60 Mint Green
No.40 Pure Violet

#Purple tone-up for #dull #tired #lifeless skin

No. 60 Mint Green

#Green tone-up for #flaky #reddish #trouble skin


Skin Veil Base_EX Combination


Comfort texture for natural skin tone



1. Use at the former step of foundation/cushion routine after skincare.
2. Pump about 1 time, divide it into forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, and chin, spread it like a lotion and absorb it.

* Shake before use.