Chic Filter Makeup for a Perfect Holiday Photo

Chic Filter Makeup for a Perfect Holiday Photo

How I wear Photo Queen makeup for holidays

Why not set yourself up for a perfect photo with the right holiday party appeal?

For all of you who want to radiate like a queen in group photos,
here’s a mood-inducing makeup that can act like a special filter on the camera.  

From bold makeup that brings out your eyes to chic and gorgeous styling with a black dress!
Check out the video now!

Chic Filter Makeup for a Perfect Holiday Photo


Use Whitening BB Cushion to light up your skin. It can help keep your skin bright all day long! You can look luminous in front of the camera at any moment.


Next up is Holiday Ideal Shadow Quad for deep eye makeup.  
Use the first shade that shines with three colored glitters and the gold shade on the eyelids,
then add the fourth shade, the brown, on the outer corners to create a profound shade.

Emphasize the eye hole with the same color for a defining look.


Using Gel Liquid Liner, prolong the eyeliner longer than your usual makeup. The gel liner smoothly renders clear lines.


Now it’s time to intensify the mood with Holiday Two Tone Tint Lip Bar.
The harmony of burgundy and peach shades will create a chic sense of mystique.

A tip for defining lip makeup!
A slight touch of brown shadow below the lips will make them look more plump.


Spruce yourself up with wavy hair, bold earrings and a black see-through outfit!
Be confident in front of the camera. Your chic and gorgeous holiday style is now complete!