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Smudge-free Moisturizing Makeup

Moisturizing makeup even at ski resorts

Snow-covered white ski resorts are a popular tourist spot during winter season.
Note, however, that your skin may suffer a lot from the bitter cold snow wind.  
Could there be a way to minimize skin damage at ski resorts?
Our beauty girls can give up neither skiing nor style.
Let’s learn a super simple makeup tip created by the School of K-Beauty~!
The super simple basic skincare and two kinds of base makeup items keep the moisture of makeup even in ski resorts!

Smudge-free Moisturizing Makeup STEP 1 Image


To keep the moisture of makeup for long hours, the key point is to use a moisture-full, gel-type mask pack as basic skincare instead of oily lotion or cream.
Place the mask pack over the face and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Smudge-free Moisturizing Makeup STEP 1 Image


Wrap the face with the hands to promote absorption of the essence residue into skin.
Thinly apply foundation on skin to have moist makeup.
Using the flat foundation brush, apply the Water Supreme Foundation along the skin texture.

Tip. Skin texture refers to the “direction of wrinkles formed”!

Smudge-free Moisturizing Makeup STEP 3 Image


Moist makeup tends to smudge? NO!
To increase adherence of makeup to skin, apply BB Cushion Pack on skin in a gentle tapping motion as if setting the pack on skin.