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Please, Be My Modern Glamour

Vivid matte color meets with velvety lip primer for a perfectly matte, fluffy and two-tone gradation look!

-Two Tone Matte Lip Bar
This matte finish lip bar can create a beautifully natural two-tone gradation look without dryness.

-Eyebrow Cushion-cara
The two-tone eyebrow colors can create a beautifully natural eyebrow look.

-Skin Veil Base dot Cushion
Tone-up with speed! With this makeup base cushion, the more you pat, the smoother your skin texture will appear, and the more even your skin tone will become.

image 01
image 01


Be more sensual and fashionable this autumn! The makeup code for F/W 2017 is glamorous lips and naturally defined eyebrows inspired by fashion!

“Vivid matte color meets with velvety lip primer for a perfectly matte, fluffy and two-tone gradation look!”

Matte texture & Glamorous two-tone

Are you someone who wants to become the heroine of the trendy “Modern Glamour Look” in the coming fall? If so, all you need is vivid Two Tone Matte Lip Bar to create not only a perfectly neat contour line and richly vivid color, but also treatment for wrinkles and dead skin cells on the lips.

Vivid matte color & Velvety lip primer

Two Tone Matte Lip Bar is a perfect combination of high-pigmentation matte color and velvety lip primer, which serves to tone dead skin cells for a comfortable look of matte lips. It’s super easy as applying it with the main color inward. Say “muah” two or three times. Your glamorous and natural makeup look is done!

image 02
image 02

“Be trendy with your own personalized color! The new-concept cushion formula lasts all day long!”

image 03
image 03

Be trendy with your own Personalized color!

Do you want to create your own personalized eyebrow color? The solution is Eyebrow Cushion-cara, which maximizes the color spectrum for the eyebrows. Find your own personalized color by mixing two-tone colors.

New-concept cushion & Dual applicator

The point is to shape the natural line, and make your eye brows stand out. First, using a wide diagonal brush, draw the eyebrow shape. Then, using a thin Mohican brush, brush the eyebrow upward to get naturally tinted eyebrows.

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