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Add a twist to clothing, this fall!
The beauty of deconstruction fashion, the making of unfinished, re-assembled clothes

Look outside the box! Who cares if your clothes are oversized, ragged or made from unique patterns and fabrics? Nothing matters as long as you like them. That’s what deconstructed fashion is all about and it’s taking the F/W 2017 fashion scene by storm. A deconstructed look is sometimes funky, edgy and sometimes gentle. But there is no pressure. Destructed fashion is wearable when you make the right choice of styling. Here we go deep into destruction fashion to give your everyday look an edge.

What the Sweetest Oddness

They are unique but that’s what makes them more adorable; blend of the most loveable and fascinating unique destruction fashion items to make you shine the brightest in the city.

image 01
image 01


Hoodie put pieces of two different clothes together. Though length, pattern and color are all different, it is somewhat balanced.


Unique socks combining vivid red, pink and gold pearls. Eye-catching colors and bold phrases are impressive.
-Gumball Poodle


It looks like a skirt from its look, but it is short pants. Basic short pants attached with ripped pieces of white fabric create feminine appeal.

image 02
image 02


A collection of short stories by Samuel Beckett. His unconventional, unique style of writing brings mind to destroyed fashion.
-Samuel Beckett Short Story Collection


White stiletto heels with lovely heart-shaped pattern. Unique and bold detail of shoes is the easiest way to add an edge to the look.


Bustier is simply perfect for layered-up look. Its shoulder strap with unique texture and color especially catches the eyes.
-Bustier · Stylenanda
-Dress · Sez-wick


Unique skirt made of pieces of shirts. Floaty and soft fabric adds to the feminine appeal.

Dramatic Situation, Styling Mix & Match!

What’s important with destructed look is to keep things casual. Do you find it hard to mix and match items? Here are some of things on how to pull off a deconstructed fashion statement!

1. Meet with First Love - Lovely Unbalance

On the way to meet your first love again after years, you try to stay calm and look into mirror. But the skirt says that you have put too much effort into your look. No matter how hard you try, it still looks like too much. So, in that case, go for an unbalanced look. Match an unbalanced shirt or blouse with a unique yet feminine skirt to make yourself look completely different and beautiful. It’s the unbalanced item that will give your look a feminine and lovely edge.

2. Dreary Meeting - Complementary Color

My gosh! You have an unexpected, full formal meeting and you are wearing vivid high heels? This is when complementary contrast can be useful. Use the completely contrasting color to tone down even the brightest color of your clothes, for example yellow and navy, and yellowish green and purple. If that’s not good enough, go with the safest choice: grey. But, be careful that if you pick the wrong color, as it will make you even showier.

image 03
image 03

3. Burning Party - Luxurious Cutting

You’d love to be the life of the party, but it’s not easy to pick things without showing too much skin or without too many details. The right choice may then be a ripped skirt. A good-looking rip on the skirt is the key to making you casual, effortless and still beautiful and feminine. Plus, the flirt of your skirt will flatter your body figure as you move. If you want to add sophistication to the look, put on the formal jacket and it will make you the start of the night.

4. Journey Alone - Small But Unique

It’s always best to keep everything simple – body, mind and your bag – when travelling alone, so that you can carry only least amount of clothes. It’s sad to see wearing the same clothes in the pictures taken at different times and places. Here is a little useful tip! Take accessories to give your look an accent! Scarf, hat, bag and socks made from burned-out, destroyed fabric and patterns will create a whole different look. Even the smallest item can pep up your journey!

image 04
image 04

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