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Infused glow Aqua glow

Ultimistic Aqua Tint

A comfortable tint that permeates your lips like watercolors

Product features

Recommended for
  • If you want a clear glow lip that rises from within
  • If you need a long lasting glow lip
  • If you are looking for a lip that stained beautifully

A light aqua glow tint that permeates your lips naturally

Laneige Product Development Team

Draw your lips, Aqua Tint

  • Color texture, naturally permeating into the lips

    Color texture thinly permeating into the lips like water painting that colors drawing paper with color mixed with water, spreading like water

    SECRET 1. Color texture, naturally permeating into the lips
  • Thinly and lightly adhering to the lips just like leggings’ fit

    Moisture glow texture containing abundant moisture lightly and comfortably adheres to the lips upon contact with the lips

    SECRET 2. Thinly and lightly adhering to the lips just like leggings’ fit
  • Clear glow filling from within

    Glow lip, looking bright and clear outside and lightly moisturizing inside the lips

    SECRET 3. Clear glow filling from within

From clarity to definition, buildable color
that gets deeper with added application

No.1 Sketch Coral No.1 Sketch Coral
No.2 Muhly Croquis No.2 Muhly Croquis
No.3 Apple Moment No.3 Apple Moment
No.4 Deep Bordeaux No.4 Deep Bordeaux
No.5 Palette Red No.5 Palette Red
No.1 Sketch Coral

Refreshing daily peach coral

No.2 Muhly Croquis

Romantic pink coral containing Pink Muley

No.3 Apple Moment

Defining, refreshing apple red like real apple

No.4 Deep Bordeaux

Defining cool wine red

No.5 Palette Red

Classic red, the standard of red



The combination of ingredients produced with
Laneige’s know-how provides non-sticky,
refreshing, thin adherence even after applying
color in several layers

  1. 1 COAT
  2. 3 COAT

One layer of application provides clear, natural glow,
with 2-3 layers of application expressing defining,
richly glowing lips.

True-to-coloration expresses beautiful lips even
after slight removal


How to use Aqua Tint

Gently fill the entire lips with the enclosed tip
Adjust the color by layering color according to the desired coloration


Aqua Tint Mask Makeup

Excellent glow
Lasting effect UP

Aqua Tint Mask Makeup image

After applying Aqua Tint, blot the lips lightly
with tissue and apply Aqua Tint again


Laneige BM's perfect combo recommendation

Apply nudie matte lipstick as
base and Aqua Tint as point
to have lip makeup in SNS