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magazine monthy03.2017

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What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful

Quality that shines and value that shines even more. The items best loved around the world in 2016.
LANEIGE products that “sought” to increase the charm of women worldwide in 2016.
Check out the products that were best loved by the global cosmetics fans in 2016.

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It’s really an innovative lipstick. The color spread and formation are really great, so I’ve been using it since it was first released. My lips are thin and don’t really look good in dark colors, so I always used to mix a couple of products together. But Two Tone Lip Bar can be used on its own to create natural blending and make my lips look vibrant.

Park Han Bit * 23 * Student * Korea

Two Tone Lip Bar has been getting really good reviews, so I really wanted to buy it. I like it because it applies vivid colors, and it easily makes my lips look luxurious.

Melissa Wang * 32 * Makeup Artist * Hong Kong (China)

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My friend recommended it to me so I used to apply it before bed. But, these days, I’m constantly applying it during the day. It smells good, so I just keep on wanting to apply it. It’s incomparably smoother than lip balms, and its moisturizing effect lasts much longer.

Alyssa Magdayao * 21 * Student * Philippines

My lips are usually dry and chapped, but ever since I’ve begun
using Lip Sleeping Mask, my lips have become unbelievably moist.

Sixuan Wu * 27 * Florist * Mainland China

I have dry skin which means it often feels tight, but BB Cushion is so moist that my skin no longer feels tight. It covers well and smoothly fits the skin, and lasts really long, while also retaining moistness.

Santi wijaya * 22 * Student * Indonesia

LANEIGE BB Cushion is the best. Other cushion compacts don’t really match my skin tone, but LANEIGE BB Cushion fits my face perfectly without any flaking. My friends say it’s the best item of my life.

Li Mi * 30 * Illustrator * Mainland China

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Water Bank Gel Cream has a cooling sensation when used in hot weather. My makeup doesn’t get cakey if I use this, and it doesn’t feel heavy while moisturizing the skin, so I use it all the time.

Nguyen Thi Thu * 25 * Patissier * Vietnam

If I just put on Water Sleeping Mask after applying toner, my face feels moist all the following day. It’s more convenient to use than a sheet type mask. I used to hate taking the trouble to apply a face pack, but with this I can just apply it onto my face like lotion before I sleep. I love it.

Jennifer Jang * 24 * Student * Hong Kong (China)

I can really tell the difference between those day I slept after applying Water Sleeping Mask and those days I didn’t. If I apply this at night before I sleep, my skin takes makeup surprisingly well the next day.

kim Ji Eun * 29 * Children’s Book Author * Korea

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