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magazine monthy03.2015

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Steal Her Lips

Ever-so-slightly Natural yet Intense
One Point Makeup

Steal Her Lips

LANEIGE Makeup Art Director
Han Chang-bong’s Spring One Point Makeup

When discussing about the latest styles and trends, there are a few words in particular that almost never fail to appear: ‘natural’, ‘simple’, and ‘neat’. With the latest trend in various areas such as fashion, beauty and interior being the creation of a natural look without too much of artificial styling, even makeup is getting lighter and lighter. Now we can see more natural looking faces with the skin made up to look more moisturized and healthy, with an avoidance of heavy base makeup that is bent on covering blemishes with thick layers of foundation. One point makeup can be completed simply by adding a dash of color on your eyes or lips after base makeup. The main feature of one point makeup is that it allows you to achieve a trendy makeup look with ease and convenience. This one color point looks simple but it stands out attractively.

“The 2015 S/S makeup trend emphasizes on the use of a one point makeup to accentuate the lips.”

Natural, one point makeup trend is likely to continue through this spring and lip makeup in particular, is expected to be the point of focus this upcoming season as predicted by LANEIGE makeup art director Han Chang-bong,
“The 2015 S/S makeup trend emphasizes on the use of a one point makeup to accentuate the lips for a look resembling the charming lip makeup on an actress. First, create moisturized and supple skin with a light touch of primer, cushion-type foundation and concealer, and then complete the look by accentuating your lips with rich and voluminous colors like coral, pink and magenta.”
With lip point makeup, vivid colors are applied to the lips, and as colors are avoided as much as possible in other parts of the face, with only an accent on the lips, other flaws tend to be less visible. If you want to achieve a simple yet trendy makeup look with ease and convenience, why don’t you give lip point makeup a try this spring?

Artistic lip point
Makeup how to

Face: Complete base makeup by first touching up the skin with light-textured foundation and a concealer in a thin and moisturizing layer.
Eyes: Use orange and brown eye shadow to add shading to the eyes and draw out the corner of the eye by using a black eyeliner used to help.
Lips: Two tone lip makeup with the versatility of a fantastic two color mix and match.

step 1


Achieve clean‚ supple and flawless complexion by touching up your skin tone with the Lumi Block Primer and BB Cushion. After which‚ cover any blemishes with the Watery Cushion Concealer.

step 2


Add a touch of delicate coral color to your eyes with the Pure Radiant Shadow No.8 Cashmere Coral to create a natural shade.

step 3


Use the Two Tone Lip Bar No.8 Neon Juice to produce a sophisticated and artistic lip makeup look that resembles that of an actress‚ naturally creating gradation in the process by applying orange to the inside of your lips and pink towards the outside.


“Use the Two Tone Lip Bar to create an artistic lip point makeup look with its blend of two colors.”

If you are the one who has enjoyed filling out your lips with a single color in the past like red, pink, or orange, try out the new style of lip point makeup this season. According to Han, the trend this season is to mix and match various colors or textures to achieve a multicolored lip makeup.
Also keep an eye on the Two Tone Lip Bar, one of LANEIGE’s spring collection items this season, to complete your new collection of lip makeup products. It’s a single lipstick made up of two different colors divided by a slanted diagonal line, delicately blending the colors on your lips for an attractive and trendy look. Now, you can create a delicate and sophisticated makeup look too, resembling that of an actress whose lips are made up by a professional makeup artist.

“Add radiance to your s k in with abundant moisture to realize a natural look, and shade your eyes with a touch of nude coral. Then use the Two Tone Lip Bar with two trendy colors to accentuate your lips to complete your own artistic lip point makeup look.”

Are you now all ready to try creating your own personal lip makeup look with an artistic lip point suggested by our LANEIGE makeup art director Han Chang-bong?

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