Easy trick to apply eyeliner that never fails

Easy trick to apply eyeliner that never fails

How to Apply Eyeliner like a PRO

Maybe, you are tired of having to fix your eye lines again and again since you don’t like the shape of the tails.
This video will help to relieve you of all that hassle!

Zero chance to fail!
Shall we learn an easy trick to draw a sharp eye line using a name card?!

STEP 1 image

STEP 1. Completely fill in the eyelashes and draw the eye line to the end.

With a pencil-type liner, completely fill in the eyelashes drawing the line to the outer edge of your lash line

STEP 2 image

STEP 2. Shape the tail with a name card.

First, let’s build curls!
Hold the curved part up along the curve of your lashes.
Brush up with zigzagging strokes from the roots.
Apply evenly to coat the lashes beautifully.

STEP 3 image

STEP 3. Connect the eye line and the tail naturally. Now, you are done!

Finally, connect the eye line you drew initially and the tail naturally using an eyeliner or brush!