Lesson 61


Tip for Neat Summer Makeup Touch-Up

Moisturizing Makeup Touch-Up

Makeup gets blurred by sweat and sebum in the afternoon…
How can we touch up makeup ruined by frequent outdoor activities in summer?
Let’s learn how to make skin bright and moisturized in summer when excessive sebum is produced!

sokb L61. STEP1

STEP 1. Wipe the areas that need touch-up.

First of all,
let’s touch up removed base makeup and blurred eye makeup!
Wipe forehead, nose and around eyes with wet tissue.

sokb L61. STEP2

STEP 2. Complete flawless skin with Tone Up Base product.

Then, clarify skin with moisturizing base-makeup product.
Take proper amount on finger, and apply from the wide area of the face. It’s important to do the base step right, so that makeup would not be blurred again easily. If you use LANEIGE Skin Veil Base EX #20 Pearly White, your skin tone gets 1-level brighter, so that your skin becomes radiant.

sokb L61. STEP3

STEP 3. Finish up with BB Cushion.

Lastly, finish up with applying BB Cushion on the face.
Carefully and thoroughly spread the content around nose, forehead and under the eyes for complete makeup.
Using LANEIGE Whitening BB Cushion completes moisturized skin for the rest of the day.