Nail Care Tips for Winter

Nail Care Tips for Winter

“DIY Nail Care at Home”

Constantly changing nail colour, damaged the nails? Take good care of your nails without visiting a nail salon!

I’m 20s... But my hands look like 40s?!
Girls who enjoy nail art should also care about their hands. Constantly changing nail colour will darkened the nails!
So, School of K-Beauty prepared DIY nail care tips for you!

Self Nail Care Tip for Winter step1


First, prepare lemon juice. Fill the bowl with 2/3 water and add honey with prepared lemon juice, then mix well. Using lukewarm water is the point! To ensure the skin around the nails to soaked sufficiently.

Self Nail Care Tip for Winter step2


Immerse your hand in lukewarm water for 5 min, and rub the cuticle with wet tissue. Rub as if cleansing loose skin (dead skin) to make your nails neat.

※ Lemon prevents nails from darkening, so it gives whitening effect!

Self Nail Care Tip for Winter step3


Lastly, provide moisture to shield your hands from freezing winter. Wipe off the moisture, and apply hand cream to all over the hand and give a massage. Moisturized and neat nails are completed!

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