Color lens makeup

Color lens makeup

Deep grey eye makeup in cold winter

Makeup tutorial of K-POP girls group f(X) popular greyish brown lens makeup!
Shall we try the new look which goes well with grey and black winter outer-wear?

Bright blond hair and black eyebrows seems not a good match right ? Likewise, when we wearing different color lenses we need to match different colour tone’s makeup.
In this lesson, we will learn how to match makeup with grey / brown color lens as a deep winter look.

Firstly, as we will apply a lot of pearl eye shadow, you need to apply base makeup on your eyes first as to avoid the eye shadow clogged between the eyelids. Just like applying eye primer, apply pearl-less ivory or beige shadow on the eyelid, up to brow bone.

lesson 46. detail image 1


Apply grey color eye shadow with glittering effect on 80% areas of eyelids. Next, cover dark-brown color eye shadow on the top. Be careful that don’t cover too much ! Keep them inside of the eyelid line.

※Applying brown color eye shadow too widely will make your eyes look puffy, so be careful!

lesson 46. detail image 1


Asians women normally have a flatter eye shape when compared with Western women, so we need to enhance the shading effect.

lesson 46. detail image 1


Touch the tail of the eyes with the brown colour eye shadow we used in Step 1, it will make your eyes look even deeper. Then, thoroughly fill in the upper and under eye-line with pencil eyeliner.

lesson 46. detail image 1


Apply glittering pearl powder or gold pearl colour eye shadow according to your preferences.