Shy girl makeup

Trendy Hangover Makeup

Shy girl makeup like heroine of romance comics

<Hangover makeup> originated in Japan
and becoming a trend in Korea,
it’s girly makeup that students and even office ladies can try !

Precautions about Hangover makeup!
‘Do not make your face a burning sweet potato!
Not to mention the color control of blusher, making milky-white face is essential for Hangover makeup!

lesson 45 - detail image 1


Finish facial makeup by using makeup base which is a half-tone-lighter than the face color, and then apply coral tone (or light pink tone) eye-shadow which is similar to blusher colour to upper eyelid and lower lash lines. You can draw outer corner and lower lash lines with coral or pink pearl eyeliner!

lesson 45 - detail image 2


Use cream blush for better coloring and creamy spread-ability. However, you don’t have to buy one if you don’t have any cream blusher. Simple mix coral or pink lipstick with CC cream, it’s equal to an excellent cream blusher!
Mix CC cream and lipstick in the ratio of 5:1, then stamp on the area which is 1cm below the eyes.

※If you think lipstick color is too much, control the amount of lipstick in the ratio of ‘CC Cream: Lipstick=10:1’!  

lesson 45 - detail image 3


It’s time to spread the stamped blusher in Step 2. For the best effect, spread it in the inverted triangle form. But! Don’t forget that spreading too much blusher will make your face look red as a burning sweet potato!

※When applying blusher, the point of inverted triangle should border the tip of nose line.

lesson 45 - detail image 4


The point of this makeup is blusher, so you need to have subtle lip and eye makeup by using light-colored lip makeup~!