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How to draw perfect eye brows

How to trim eyebrows for great first impression

It is said that Oprah Winfrey, queen of American talk show, flies to New York City to trim her brows once a month.
Brows do determine impression of a person!
But shaping brows is such a hard task for beginners..
Isn’t there any way to neatly trim brows without failing?
There’s no need to pay for expensive brow bars You can shape and trip your brows perfectly
With secret tip of School of K-Beauty.

How to draw perfect eye brows STEP 1 Image


First, put long eyebrow pencil or eyeliner pencil on the upper side of brow and measure the degree of brow you want to have.
If you are not confident enough, it is a good idea to use a graduated ruler to fix angle!

How to draw perfect eye brows STEP 2 Image


After drawing upper side of brow, draw under side of brow, leaving about 0.5mm~1cm space in between.
Draw tail of brow as naturally connecting upper and under sides.

How to draw perfect eye brows STEP 3 Image


When you are done with drawing outline of brow, trim the hairs sticking out from the line.
Using small-sized eyebrow razor enables more delicate trimming.

How to draw perfect eye brows STEP 4 Image


Brush eyebrow with screw brush, and finish by cutting long hairs with scissor.