Wish your Sparkling Holiday

Natural Glow Makeup

Express naturally radiant, bright skin

The slowly approaching winter and bitter winds stress out skin!
Blend each layer one by one and express naturally radiating skin as if having lighting projected on skin even on a cloudy day!

Natural Glow Makeup STEP 1 Image


Blend the Water Base CC Cream and Lumi Volume Primer at a 1:1 ratio and evenly apply on skin starting from the inner area, working outward, in the order of forehead, cheeks, and chin with the flat foundation brush.

Tip. In case of dry skin, add our essence at this step. Hydro-radiant skin can be expressed along the skin texture.

Natural Glow Makeup STEP 2 Image


Apply BB Cushion on the face starting from the inner area, working outward in a tapping motion to set the cushion on skin.

Natural Glow Makeup STEP 3 Image


Apply the brush pack pink beam over the base to add radiance to skin. Gently sweep over the forehead, cheeks, and nose bridge areas.
The micro pearl provides a laminating effect to skin!