Summer Vacation

Makeup correction using tissue

Makeup that is like new anytime, anywhere!

The first makeup application always wears out as time passes.
Shiny sebum, darkening under eyes, and smudges around the mouth are a few of the problems. However, with a tissue and mist, I can keep my makeup fresh and new!
As a finishing touch, lightly apply the Powder Pack!
Keep the skin fresh and matte all day long without darkening.

Makeup correction using tissue STEP 1 Image


Place a soft tissue on the face, and gently press down on the upper and lower areas separately.

Tip. Do not rub. Simply press to remove oily sebum.

Makeup correction using tissue STEP 2 Image


Wrap the makeup puff with a tissue, and gently blot the areas prone to clumps or smears, such as the skin around the nose and under eyes.

Makeup correction using tissue STEP 3 Image


After removing sebum and clumps of makeup, spray the Mineral Skin Mist on the entire face to supply moisture, and wrap the face with two hands for absorption.