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Small face makeup

Can I have a small face like the movie stars?

Well-proportioned golden ratio? That’s no longer a fantasy…
Palm-sized, small face with defined eyes, nose, mouth…
You can have “a well-proportioned face like a movie star” by creating natural definition with dark and bright contrast.

Small face makeup STEP 1 Image


To have an overall slimming contour with defined eyes, nose, and mouth, create a “bright and dark contour” in a half-darker tone than your skin tone on the outer areas of your face!

Tip. Create a neat look by applying a dark and bright contrasting tone on the forehead areas!

Small face makeup STEP 2 Image


Now, it’s time to make the nose bridge look higher to define the eyes, nose, and mouth on a much smaller-looking face!
With Laneige Pure Radiant Blush No. 6 Natural Shading, gently apply on the sides of the nose in a tapping motion.

Small face makeup STEP 3 Image


A smaller-looking face is OK, but your skin may have dull, darker skin tone with Shading.
Brighten the forehead area, skin under the eyes, cheekbone areas, and nose bridge area with the highlight effect.

Small face makeup STEP 4 Image


You will have a small yet defined face.