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Filler effect makeup

Attractiveness of Asian people? A flat face isn’t attractive at all!

Elegant eyes, plump lips like cherry…
But, the sad fact is that a flat face hides all these attractive facial features!
Let’s learn filler makeup that will accentuate the definition of your facial contour.

Filler effect makeup STEP 1 Image


First, smooth out your face with base. Draw lines on the forehead, nose bridge, areas above the eyebrows, skin under the eyes, sides of the nose, and chin area with Laneige Watery Cushion Concealer (to be launched in May).

Filler effect makeup STEP 2 Image


Uneven skin tone is obvious after applying concealer!
Gently tap the skin with the fingers to soften the boundary of the concealer!

Filler effect makeup STEP 3 Image


After brightening the skin, it is time to even out the skin tone of the entire face.
Take a little amount of BB cushion with the puff and apply thinly on the face, starting from the inner area and working outward.
You will have a well-balanced, voluminous face with definition.