Lesson 65


Sparkling holiday burgundy makeup look

Gorgeous Burgundy Makeup

“Autumn and winter are all about burgundy shades.
But, I am so unskilled at makeup that I always end up with an awful vampire look.
Is there an easy way to apply burgundy makeup?”

Some say burgundy makeup is the hottest trend among all the makeup lovers.
If you’re a person who want to give it a try but always screw up your makeup, here is the perfect solution for people like you:

Easy and simple burgundy makeup
with LANEIGE’s New Holiday Collection!

Gorgeous Burgundy Makeup 1 image

STEP 1. Apply the shadow bar all over the eyelid.

First, apply Two Tone Shadow Bar Milky Way Burgundy over the eyelid.
Swipe 2-3 times toward the inner corner and then the tail!
Pat gently with the fingers to blend colors and create natural gradation.  

Gorgeous Burgundy Makeup 2 image

STEP 2. Color the tail with a dark shade. Highlight the inner corner, under-eye area and center of eyelid with a light shade.

Next, it is time for eye shadow contouring!
① Using only the dark burgundy part of Two Tone Shadow Bar, touch the tail and draw a line.
② Now highlight the inner corner, under-eye, and center of the eyelid with the pink-beige part. The shimmering pearl will make your eye look bigger and beautiful!  

Gorgeous Burgundy Makeup 3 image

STEP 3. Apply Two Tone Lip Bar Bloody Dress to complete the lip makeup.

Let’s complete the look with lip makeup! Apply the dark red burgundy color gently to the inside of lip. Blend the border of gradation naturally with a cotton swab or lip brush. Now the sparkling and sophisticated burgundy makeup is complete!!