Single eyelid makeup

Alluring eye-line for single eyelid

How to draw alluring eye-line for single eyelid

Since when everyone has double eyelid?
Even the makeup tips on the Internet are customized for the girls with double eyelid  
Isn’t eye-line vital and the source of confidence for the girls with single eye-line?
Now, attention! the girls with single eyelid~!

Should eye-line for single eyelid be as thick as possible?
Delicate touch is needed for thick eye-line
to complete Edge of perfect eye-line

Alluring eye-line for single eyelid -step1


First of all, the most important thing about single eyelid eye-makeup is how the eye-line looks when eyes are closed not opened. Therefore, sketching outline while opening your eyes is crucial. While opening your eyes, sketch the line as if you draw oblique dots on the tail of the eyes.  
※Using Edge Drawing Eyeliner, Sharpie-pen, which has oblique tip like that of highlighter, allows you to draw more delicate and detailed eye-line for single eyelid.

Alluring eye-line for single eyelid -step2


Starting from the point you drew in Step1., draw additional lines from tail of the eye to the front. Draw as if you are sketching on a paper.

Alluring eye-line for single eyelid -step3


Fill in the inner side of the line you drew in step2 by using the side of the tip of Sharpie pen (or general pen-type eyeliner). It will be so easy that you won’t have to pay much attention.

Alluring eye-line for single eyelid -step4


To make your eyes look bigger, draw a dot to extend the eye-line. It will not only make your eyes bigger but also give you a chic look like a career woman in metropolis.