Get ready for vacance!

Orange Bronzing Makeup

Let’s do bronzing makeup with the items we already have

The last stage of summer’s extremely hot weather.
Let’s learn natural bronze makeup
for properly tanned healthy complexion.
‘Isn’t bronze makeup is only for tanned skin?’
No, it is definitely not!
The bronze makeup that we are about to learn today
is not dark and mottled makeup
Smooth shading and glowing complexion for Asian skin
completes natural and healthy skin.

Orange Bronzing Makeup STEP 1 Image


[Eye makeup]
Let’s make deep and glamorous eyes with gold/brown shadow that everyone is likely to have
① Apply pearl and light-toned gold shadow (① shadow) to the center of upper eyelid.
② Apply darker gold color (④ shadow) to entire area of  upper eyelid to highlight glitter.
③ Apply white or pink pearl-shadow (② shadow)to the area under the eyebrow-bone to make eyes look deeper .
④ Using eyeliner brush, apply deep brown color eye shadow (③ shadow) as close as possible to eye-line.

Orange Bronzing Makeup STEP 2 Image


By using darker beige eye-shadow with no pearl or darker-tone-coral blusher, Give shades to cheek > hairline of forehead  > philtrum > chin-line in this order.

Orange Bronzing Makeup STEP 3 Image


When you are done with shading, it’s time for highlighting.
Apply Cushion Highlighter to the areas that reflect light when photographed, T zone > under the eyes > tip of the nose > clavicle.