Summer Desires!

V-line face stretching

Eyes knows lips are something you are born with but face-line is something you make

Why your face look so round in the picture when you have not gained a pound?
Elasticity! It’s because your face have lost elasticity.
For you, we introduce 3-step face stretching exercise.
From now on, make it a new habit to restore suppleness and get V-line. Do it at least 3 times a day!
V-line face can be made if you constantly repeat following 3 types of face stretching every morning (1 set= 3 times) Hidden V-line will reemerge
Neck – lifting exercise & Face muscles exercise.
Face stretching not only brings suppleness to your face but also makes your impress more mild and bright.
It’s such a simple exercise that doesn’t require any equipment or money
So, let’s do it every day!

V-line face stretching STEP 1 Image


Neck – lifting exercise
Cross your hands and put them on the each side of your shoulder.
Stretch your neck backward. Stretch out your lower chin toward sky and press the shoulder with your hands. Then you can feel your neck is being stretched.

V-line face stretching STEP 2 Image


Face – muscles exercise
First, lift the side of your lips to make U-shaped lips.
Then purse your lips up to the left and right to relax the muscle around lips.

V-line face stretching STEP 3 Image


A.I.U.E.O exercise
Open your mouth as big as possible and pronounce A E I O U slowly and articulately.
The bigger you open your mouth, the better the effect to boost suppleness, because you use more chin/face muscles.