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Natural eye lashes makeup technique

How to have Actress-lashes!

Actresses in dramas who always smile despite their loneliness and tough life look always pure and pretty without putting heavy makeups, aren’t they?
Can it be really true that they look pretty without any makeup?
Take a close look at the TV.
They are all armed with Real-like Barbie Doll Lashes!
The difference between amateur and professional is determined by how they attach their fake eyelashes
-Amateur: cut the lashes into 3 pieces and attach them( X )
-Professional: cut the lashes as small as possible and attach them as if you were filling in the empty spots ( O )
The gap between amateur and professional is as small as
One single eyelash !
Let’s learn professional’s super simple skill!

Natural eye lashes makeup technique STEP 1 Image


Before applying lash glue, pick the fake eyelashes with tweezers and measure the length of your eyes, and cutout the proper length.

Natural eye lashes makeup technique STEP 2 Image


Put your eye-line-sized-fake-eyelashes on the flat sponge and cut it into 6 pieces.
The finer you cut the fake lashes (more than 6 pieces), the more natural your lashes will be.

Tip. If you put the fake lashes on the sponge, you can easily pick the small pieces up with tweezers no matter how small they are.

Natural eye lashes makeup technique STEP 3 Image


Attach the fake eyelashes as close as possible to your eye-line while you are lifting your eyelid and looking down.

Tip. Put a hand mirror on your laps or table then you will effortlessly look down, which makes attaching the lashes easier!

Natural eye lashes makeup technique STEP 4 Image


When you are done with gluing the fake lashes, use eyelash curler to curl your real and fake lashes together.
Apply Curling Mascara to the lashes, then it will fix every single of them and help you to maintain pretty actress lashes all day long.