Blooming makeup!

Perfect Cover with Jelly Pact

Full-cover makeup for summer time

Dark, moisturized but sticky glowing skin…
Summer makeup makes us get sick of glowing skin,
Then the key of the summer makeup is to express clean and clear skin  
If you are looking for perfectly covering and softly finishing Pact without applying anything else,
Keep your eyes on today’s it-item!
Roll over the wide area and set with gentle pats, then makeup is complete!
Let’s have perfect cover with Satin Cover Jelly Pact in this summer

Perfect Cover with Jelly Pact STEP 1 Image


After giving a light skincare, put proper amount of content of Satin Cover Jelly Pact on the puff.
Then apply it to your face as if you ROLL it.

Tip. Beauty Girls, who want more strong sun blocking effect, can apply sun screen before applying Jelly Pact.

Perfect Cover with Jelly Pact STEP 2 Image


After applying the content in step 1, now pat as if you are filling in the pores.
Well padded and soft Castella-like puff enhances its blending-in-ability-to-skin, hence you can express flawless and smooth porcelain skin as if its your second skin.

Perfect Cover with Jelly Pact STEP 3 Image


For the areas such as around eyes and tip of nose, which are likely to make dead skin cells visible, Bend the puff and press firmly when applying , then perfect makeup is completed~!