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Pore Care Tip for Early Summer

Cleansing pores for coming up summer

Dark pores become more and more visible as the weather becomes summery and hot.
Are they causing a big trouble Because even make-up cannot hide them?
Your days of worry are now over School of K-Beauty reveals the secret weapon for deep and thorough pore cleansing.
Pores become even more troublesome in summer, Prepare yourself for upcoming summer by doing pore cleansing with Water Clay Mask to clearly cleanse inside of pores.

Pore Care Tip for Early Summer STEP 1 Image


You are sitting in front of the mirror after washing your face before going to bed.
Now it’s time to apply <Mini Pore Water Clay Mask>, the hot issue of pore line products.
Evenly apply the mask on your face and wait 7 to 8 min until the mask becomes hardened and dry. You will see bumpy blackheads and sebum emerging on your nose and cheek as the mask gets dried!

Pore Care Tip for Early Summer STEP 2 Image


After washing your face, soak Mini Pore Sponge, which is included in the product package, in lukewarm water and give gentle squeeze for two to three times to soften it.
Carefully wipe the residue of clay mask left on your face, using the softened sponge.

Pore Care Tip for Early Summer STEP 3 Image


Soak cotton pad with Power Essential Skin Light and even your skin by giving gentle wipe from inside of your face to out. Pore care is done-!