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Two-Tone Lip Bar Gradation Makeup

Innovative two-tone gradation with a single touch

Some keywords of K-beauty -
One of them is gradation lip, which accentuates the inner side of the lips as the key point!
Is there a newer gradation lip makeup?
From March 2015, fantastic mix & match lip makeup can be completed with a two-color combination in a single touch.
Restless, wandering mind in spring.
How about changing your mood with bright, revitalizing two-tone makeup?

Two-Tone Lip Bar Gradation Makeup STEP 1 Image


First, open the cap of the two-tone lip bar and slide down the button on the lateral side.

Tip. The lipstick comes up when you press the button. Slide down only by two notches since the lipstick may break if raised too high!

Two-Tone Lip Bar Gradation Makeup STEP 2 Image


For the diagonally cut lipstick, the higher side is the darker main color, and the lower side is the lighter sub color.
Hold the high lipstick side upward so that the darker color can be applied inside your lip.
Gently apply on your lower lip.

Two-Tone Lip Bar Gradation Makeup STEP 3 Image


Then, turn it upside down for the upper lip to apply darker color inside the lip.
Place the high side of the diagonal cut inside the lip and apply onto the lip. That’s it!