Sweet feelings of February

Freshman Sweet Pink Makeup

Pure and vivid pink makeup for your fresh start

First day of school, first day at work and first blind date.
You are taking your first step with fluttering heart.
Now all you need is lively, lovely and sweet first impressions.  
YES, you need “PINK” exclusive for freshman.
Water Drop Tinted Lipbalm and Brush Pact complete prep for your Pink Pink makeup!
Here is a tip for clear and lovely pink makeup that even a fancy makeup palette won’t do.

Freshman Sweet Pink Makeup STEP 1 Image


Apply Water Drop Tinted Lipbalm evenly to upper eyelids just like you do to your lips. Softly tinting pink shade of Tinted Lipbalm works great even for the puffy eyes.
Give a gentle finishing touch with Brush Pact on the tinted eyelids, then soft and smooth but not gluey pastel-tone pink shade is done.

Freshman Sweet Pink Makeup STEP 2 Image


Draw very short diagonal lines on both of your cheekbones with the Lipbalm, and then softly rub and spread with your fingertips.
Gentle touch of Brush Pact completes natural pink complexion cheek without any clogging.

Freshman Sweet Pink Makeup STEP 3 Image


Apply Tinted Lipbalm Pink Peach to lips and then apply deep red color Juicy Plum to inner side of lips.
Your lips will become moisturized and bright.