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magazine monthy12.2016

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Two-toned lip makeup wonder

Lip color blending technique for beautiful, full and luscious lips no matter how thick, thin or dull they were

It’s New!
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

trand detail image

A fantastic combination of tint and lip mask

Here is an amazing product for women with dry lips who can’t live without lip balm, and women always carrying around both lip balm and tint.
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar is a special tint with Moisture Wrap™ technology from the Lip Sleeping Mask that instantly provides a remarkable moisturizing effect. It contains vivid and clear tint inside the V cutting, and a customizing lip balm on the lips to easily make your lips look healthy with color. Make your lips stay moisturized like a young girl all day long with the customizing Two Tone Tint Lip Bar


How to Slim

how to slim image

Do your lips look too big and thick?

Color in the smaller area of your lips to make them appear smaller. If both the upper and lower lips are thick, create an illusion using Two Tone Tint Lip Bar No.6 Tomato Sherbet for slimmer look. With a
single touch, the red is applied inside and the moist lip balm outside the lips, focusing the attention toward the inside and making the lips look much thinner.


Volume & Plumping

Volume & Plumping image

Do you have slim, small lips?

Slim lips can make you look old and unkind. Select a dark lip color to adjust the lip lines. Choose Two Tone Tint Lip Bar No.8 Cherry Milk and use it to fill the lips 1-2mm above the natural line of both upper and lower lip. You can use the edge of Two Tone Tint Lip Bar to contour the lips to get lips with volume.


Real Bright

Real Bright image

Struggling with dull-looking lips?

Dry, cracked lips can give a bad impression. In this case, you need to first provide moisture and then cover the lips with a more natural color. Two Tone Tint Lip Bar No.1 Cotton Candy and put the lip balm on first. Remove dead skin cells with a cotton swab and apply Two Tone Tint Lip Bar to naturally blend the two colors and make your lips rosy and healthy like a young girl’s.

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