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magazine monthy09.2016

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Makeup item that will bring you good luck

Makeup can even bring you good luck.

Here are LANEIGE’s tips for your good luck charm: youthful looking skin completed with BB Cushion, glossy full lips and dollish long eyelashes.


Young & Trendy

Young & Trendy image

Trendy look with youthful skin & vibrant lips

The latest base makeup trend is a no-makeup natural look but still flawless. BB CUSHION_ANTI-AGING SPF 50+ PA+++ seamlessly blends with the skin to completely cover any red marks, skin imperfections and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Extra primer and powder are not needed. BB CUSHION_ANTIAGING SPF 50+ PA+++ alone can complete a natural makeup look. In addition, ll in the lips with Serum Drop Tint for rich-colored full lips. It will smoothen and keep the lips moisturized all day long. If you want a modern edge with a little sex appeal, use Serum Drop Tint No.5 or No.8, and if you want to look more stylish and trendy, pick No.1 or No.7. Lip makeup is the easiest and fastest way to change your image.


Volume & Lovely

Volume & Lovely image

Special look with well-defined eyebrows & Multi Face Color

This autumn, get definition with contouring. First, there is no getting away from the thick and defined textured eyebrow look. Use Eyebrow Cushion-Cara that’s a liquid-in-cushion type eyebrow product to color the eyebrows in two natural shades with extra texture. Plus, it is easy to mix and match the color of eyebrows with your hair by using two shades. A thick, defined textured eyebrow look not only gives off a youthful image, but also adds to your overall appeal. Then give a light sweep of Multi Face Color around the eyes and cheekbones. Blend from the eyelid across the under lash line and add a touch of shimmering pearls below the cheekbones to highlight your facial features.

Do You Want to Look Young?

Keep base makeup as light as possible image

Keep base makeup as light as possible

Thick base makeup makes you look old, whether it is foundation or powder.
Use the cushion to keep the base light enough that you can insist you are not wearing makeup.

Thick textured eyebrows image

Thick textured eyebrows

Thick, textured eyebrows can make you look at least 3-4 years younger. The key point is to diagonally brush up the innermost part of eyebrows. Use a brow mascara to give a natural hold.

Not too many pearls image

Not too many pearls

Too much shimmering pigment around the eyes, cheeks and forehead creates an old look. Keep the use of pearls to a minimum. Pearls work best when they are used to give an accent to the look.

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