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magazine monthy11.2015

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Global Brand News

‘Beauty Mirror’
3D Mirroring Makeup Artist

You can be a makeup artist with a single touch, as long as you have Beauty Mirror!

Beauty Mirror is now a hot trend among beauty fans. It is an app which allows users to test out makeup virtually, from base makeup to color makeup and full makeup. It recognizes even the finest movement of the face in real-time using the mirroring technique and gives the complete makeup look, just like you are really using LANEIGE makeup products! With Beauty Mirror, you can check out which makeup style suits you best, what products to use and how to use them. You can even buy your favorite makeup items right away using Beauty Mirror.

Step 1

step 1

Should I put on BB Cushion or foundation?

Base makeup offers a chance to experience various products. Use BB Cushion to brighten up the skin tone and add a glow to the face with a simple touch.

Step 2

step 2

Could I pull off the cat-eye look?

If you hesitated about trying cat-eye makeup, do a simulation using Beauty Mirror. It showcases not only a range of eyeliner products, but also the completed eyeline designs!

Step 3

step 3

Pink lips always look beautiful!

If you want moist luscious pink lips, go for Water Drop Tint Fuchsia Pink, and if you want a mix of pink and orange with natural gradation, go for Two Tone Lip Bar Neon Juice.

Special Step

Special Step

Pick your makeup style

Touch any of the 20 makeup looks that LANEIGE suggests if you would like to get some makeup advice. You can try out the same makeup look that the muse for LANEIGE, Song Hye-kyo wears.


Plus Tip
Use Beauty Mirror to the fullest

• Check before and after makeup using Before & After
• Make your makeup look more beautiful with 12 kinds of photo filters
• Post your makeup look on social media and share it with friends
• Buy makeup products that are best for you after makeup demonstration

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