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magazine monthy03.2017

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What will you do this weekend?
Enjoy Saturday night at a whole new place like Yolo,
and bring Hygge into your Sunday afternoon.
Make your weekend special in your own style!

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Are You YOLO or Hygge?!

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If you chose mostly from red, you’re more of a Yolo style, while if you chose mostly from blue, you’re closer to a Hygge style. Check out below how to enjoy the weekend in your own style.


Though you can turn back the clock, you can never turn back time. Yolo, which means “you only live once”, encapsulates a lifestyle that focuses on the “live for today” school of thought. Yolo means enjoying the moment to the fullest since you only live once. If you know how to enjoy this moment without putting off your happiness, then Yolo!

1. An Artistic Date Full of Sensitivity

The city houses various indie artistic spaces often visited by women who want to fall into artistic sensitivity. In spaces where anyone can be an artist to express themselves and make a statement, they share and enjoy contemporary sensibilities. These places are usually hidden. At the heart of the city where identity is lost by indiscreet redevelopments, women who Yolo focus on things they want to do in the here and now.

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2. A Party to Enjoy Soulfully

Women who live fiercely need something to feel refreshed, which is more precious than jewelry. They give themselves a present to make their lives more valuable. They know exactly what they need to make their life all the more worthwhile – party at Saturday night. They seek happiness today!

3. Meeting a New You in a Strange Place

If the world is a book, those who don’t travel read but a page. Women who live for tomorrow want to live each and every moment to the fullest like the mighty heroes of epic movies past. So they sometimes travel to strange places, since encountering a new part of themselves is a joy and happiness.

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Q. What kind of place is Hotel Soosunhwa?

A. It’s a designer studio, a showroom with a new concept, and a haven for interacting with various artists. It’s a work place café and bar with a vintage mood unique to Euljiro in Seoul’s modern atmosphere which is changing so rapidly.

Q. How do you bring happiness to daily life?

A. Every night before going to sleep, I think about three things I’m grateful for that happened during the day. It could be something really trivial. But, if I go to sleep thinking about those things, I feel really refreshed the next morning.

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Weekends don't always have to burn with excitement. A calm Sunday afternoon where you can focus on the sound of yourself breathing and your heart beating... There's a happiness which resides in the little things, a joy that comes only with inner peace. This cozy and comfy state is perhaps best optimized by the Danish cultural phenomenon - "Hygge”

1. Dine Alone but with Dignity

A cozy couch or bed, a lm by your favorite director, or an exotic dessert
that suits your palate. Just as spaces make language intelligible, so too our pauses make life comprehensible. You don’t need do something special and meaningful on weekend. Treat yourself with the gift you prepared. One spoon of soul food will fill your life and soul with gratitude. It also has to look good because you’re going to share it on social media.

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2. It’s Truly Yours If It’s Useless

Your perspective determines your happiness and defines your life. You make useless things. Happiness can only be fully yours when you live in the moment by embracing the magic of the “useless”. A perfect life doesn’t give you satisfaction; rather, satisfaction makes your life perfect.

3. You may be alone, but not really

Don’t give up on the warmth of human interaction. How? Use social media! Bring your best hashtag game to make an event of the everyday – share with people experiencing similar feelings and realize the strength of community. Even a picture of the sky can offer others a unique perspective!

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Q. What’s your ethos?

A. In a phrase, it’s ‘abundance without waste.’ As I actually create the items while drawing the webtoon Handmade Again Today, I really try to steer clear of overdoing anything in particular. It’s likely that I would end up creating waste, so I try to find recyclable materials.

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My aim is to live my life to the maximum without wasting anything.

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