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magazine categoryFASHION

magazine monthy12.2016

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An exhibition is brought out into the streets. A dress looking like it’s wearing a classical canvas is sitting in a café with a fascinating charm, and shoes resembling experimental sculptures are striding down the street. Now, maximalism is receiving spotlight once again. It’s interesting to see a gallery in which we can walk around dressed in clothes that turned into an artist’s work. A fantasy from old fairy tales triggered by high technology and a desire to escape from reality! This winter, fashion will be busy pursuing aestheticism of art and maximalism.

When Art meets Fashion

Both fashion and art explore color and proportion in their purest forms.
Here are fashion items suggesting the possibility of wearable art.

fashion detail image 1

1. One Tree sweater, a collaboration between an artist and designer. It resembles a masterpiece blending Botero’s colors with Seurat’s techniques. House of Voltaire

2. White-and-black Intarsia knit socks inspired by the iconic image of a half moon. They reveal a harmony of modern-art chic and uniqueness. Henrik Vibskov

3. The marble pattern is one of the hottest trends today. The pattern itself is so elegant that it can be used for emphasis without any special colors. Dr. Martens

4. The restrained abstraction of Piet Mondrian wears an ethnic style. This Croatian skirt shows off geometric patterns and colorful embroidery. Vita Kin

5. The intense colors and formative beauty hovering between two and three dimensions blur the
lines between art object and fashion item. Pill pot crossbody bag. Moschino

6. This fashion magazine focusing on the new talents taking part in the current fashion revolution. It is featuring sensuous photos and artistic designs. Dull Magazine

fashion detail image 2

Art Play with Unique Shop

What shops are visited by fashionistas who love LANEIGE, and what is their ideal life? From accessory shops selling pouches or smartphone cases with beautiful illustrations to sensual vintage shops revealing the witty and mischievous taste of their owners. Here are the fashion item shops to make your life more enriched with art this winter.

1 FRECKLE SEOUL My secret artistic vintage

These are clearly unbranded clothes, but they have a special something to them. FRECKLE SEOUL is a popular concept store among fashion lovers. The store’s vintage character and unique feminine style have given it a loyal following, along with its CEO known for her charming personality. Her witty styling and mischievous poses in each of the photos in the shopping mall attract viewers, and her unique concepts capture the attention of fashionistas. The accessories or items in the photos seem somewhat casually laid out, but they show how much attention and effort is put into every single detail.

Freckle Show Room
1F 17 Worldcup-Ro 10Gil Mapogu Seoul Korea freckle.kr

fashion detail image 3

1. FRECKLE SEOUL is a shopping mall that began to gain popularity with its distinctive styling and unique sense of photography. The brand does more than just sell fashion: it spreads its unique sensitivity across the fashion world.

fashion detail image 4

2. Accessories are even more popular than clothes. They reveal the unique vintage style as
well as sophisticated feminine beauty. You can find a variety of items at the showroom located in Hapjeong-dong as well.

3. CEO Kim Sora is also known as Ms. Bread among her fans.
The highlights are the photos that show off the artistic aura of this CEO who also models the clothes.

2 OFF THE GALLERY Artwork jumped out into the real offline world

Do you know the easiest way to own your favorite artworks? Find OFF THE GALLERY. It’s an online shop that creates and sells fun and unique design items based on collaboration with various artists, offering various artworks registered by artists. If you have been hesitating to purchase artworks because the prices are too high, then check out OFF THE GALLERY.


fashion detail image 5

4. OFF THE GALLERY introduces fun and differentiated design items by collaborating
with a variety of artists. Smile again as you carry around your famous illustration.

fashion detail image 6

5. WARMGREY TAIL offers various items based on nature-inspired illustrations. It’s not enough just to look at these artworks. Wear them and keep them close!

3 WARMGREY TAIL A story about all living things

“I feel good just thinking about the soft tail of a cat.” WARMGREY TAIL is a brand launched by the married couple Lee Hyunah(designer) and Kim Hangeol (Illustrator). Having been worn out by their busy careers, they began to look for a different way. The resultant brand was created based on their careful consideration of their surroundings. As a result, the brand WARMGREY TAIL was created by putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort. They intend to talk about all living things. Add some warm sensitivity to your style this winter.

Warmgrey Tail Show Room
2F, Grace B/D, 403-12, Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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