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magazine categoryFASHION

magazine monthy06.2016

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Bling it on

Bling-Bling! The Item that Flatters You Most

The hot and sweaty summer is here. People often think that wearing less is the best way to beat the summer heat, but we cannot simply give up fashion. LANEIGE shows how to stay stylish in summer using unique items. Jacket and shirt made of seersucker and linen rustling in the wind are great for getting an elegant and classy look, while sparkling sequins and vivid colors make your look stand up! Here are LANEIGE’s tips for your hot summer style.


The key to summer makeup is a light base makeup with color accents on the lips and nails. The key to summer fashion is getting “it” items to have an edge. Here are items to make you shine bright on the street.

패션 이미지 1

1. Slip-on with violet color and floral pattern for feminine flair. LUCKY CHOUETTE
2. Simple top with sequin details to stay cool, yet glamorous. 2nd Flower
3. Super cute pink t-shirt with LUCKY CHOUETTE’s signature owl. LUCKY CHOUETTE
4. Clutch bag with fresh color and a lovely design which gives an accent to your look.

패션 이미지 2

5. Large lapel sailor top for a cute marine look. LUCKY CHOUETTE
6. LANEIGE meets LUCKY CHOUETTE. Collaboration to be released in August.
7. A mix of geometric patterns and lovely pink color to create a unique look. LUCKY CHOUETTE
8. Earrings simple in design and yet brilliant in color. H&M

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