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magazine monthy08.2015

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3 Points Of Youthful Skin

3 Habits for Younger Looking Skin

This time of the year, the skin becomes sensitive to the fall weather. The skin is exhausted from UV rays, lack of moisture and high temperature during the summer. What it desperately needs is rest. But, before we could welcome the cool breeze beating the hot weather, our skin be comes dry and drained again because of the dry air and huge temperature range, which seems to hit all of a sudden. At this rate, the skin can never recover its strength and it tends to slip into the path of rapid aging, involving wrinkles, loss of firmness and dead skin cells.
To break away from this troublesome spectrum of skin aging repeated every year, we need to check our everyday skincare routine first. replace aged collagen that’s no longer fit for the intended purpose of keeping the skin firm with young and youthful collagen and recharge the energy of the skin consumed in the course of getting adjusted to seasonal changes. A light self-massage can energize the skin again. The solution lies in regular living habits as well.

point 1

POINT 1 Face & Eyes Fit

Daily skincare for tight, supple skin

If your skin starts feeling stiffened and dried out due to the cold wind, concentrate on anti-aging care before it is too late. Smooth the skin texture with toner and lotion and firm up the skin around the eyes using LANEIGE Time Freeze Eye Serum. Apply Time Freeze Essence all over the face to fill up the skin with young collagen. Then, finish by applying Time Freeze Intensive Cream for skin that is fit and firm.

If your skin does not take makeup well because it is flaky and dry, add one drop of facial oil to Time Freeze Intensive Cream, massage the face with it and gently press the face with both palms. This helps to smoothen rough, flaky skin.
point 2

POINT 2 Massage

Face massage for vibrant, younger-looking skin

If you are concerned about the appearance of fine lines or dull looking skin tone, then try a one-minute Time Freeze massage and feel your skin become rejuvenated. Apply Time Freeze Intensive Cream in the last step of your skincare routine after washing the face at night and gently press both temples, both sides of the nose, the dented parts under the ears and below
the cheekbones.

Cover the face with a steamed towel after doing a massage and apply Time Freeze Essence and Time Freeze Intensive Cream again to get firm, radiant skin. Mixing Time Freeze Essence and Time Freeze Intensive Cream in the ratio of 1:1 makes a good sleeping pack as well!
point 3

POINT 3 Lifestyle

Small living habits to prevent the formation of wrinkles

Breaking small careless living habits can make the skin look as good and young. Do not touch the delicate skin around the eyes. Also, use a rich-foaming smooth textured cleaner when washing the face to minimize irritation to the skin. Plus, kicking habits of sleeping on the stomach, getting angry and frowning helps keep the skin looking bright and vibrant.

Pomegranate, carrot, grape and lemon are strong anti-oxidative foods effective at preventing skin aging. Eating right is essential to good skin health. keep away from fast food and precooked meals and develop healthy, regular eating habits for improved skin health.

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