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Quick fixing makeup tips

Date Necessity_Fixing Makeup

Quick makeup fix for emergency

It took all morning time to do perfect makeup
But it gets removed in afternoon
Isn’t there any tip for easy and fast makeup fix outside?

Some girls do not care about fixing makeup~
And Others remove makeup and start over from the beginning.
But, there comes time that we are super busy
and have messy makeup. What should we do?
School of K beauty introduces perfect makeup fix within 1 min

Date Necessity_ fixing makeup step1


Let’s start with removing blurred mascara and eyeliner. Wet tissue or tissue won’t do because it will leave stain. Instead, use cotton swab and sample lotion. Dip the cotton swab into lotion and put some of the on the back of your hand.

Date Necessity_ fixing makeup step2


Now roll of the cotton swab (wet with lotion) and gently remove the makeup. Lotion is rich with moisture as well as oil, so it removes the makeup without irritating your skin. Using some of the lotion left on your hand, remove the makeup around lips and nose in the same way.

Date Necessity_ fixing makeup step3


Open BB Cushion Pact and take another cotton swab and dip it in the BB Cushion contents. Then roll it over eye and lip areas, as if you are filling in the removed makeup. Lastly, gently pat your face with Cushion puff, then fixing makeup is complete!