Holiday makeup, Diamond look

Lucky Winter Makeup(2)

Elegant O Pearl Pink, Glittering Makeup

Preview of ‘15 Holiday makeup!
We prepared delicate and elegant ‘goddess look’
for year-end gatherings

Clothes and makeup color become darker in winter.
‘But my face doesn’t look good with dark makeup…?’
Don’t worry~!
Even the manager of School of K-Beauty doesn’t look good with sexy burgundy makeup
‘pure+elegant makeup’
is for us who have pure and plain Asian face.

Lucky Winter Makeup(2) -step1


Finish facial makeup by using makeup base which is a half-tone-brighter than the face color, and then touch O Pearl Pink shadow on the upper eyelid and underline.

Lucky Winter Makeup(2) -step2


Because O Pearl Pink shadow is not a strong color, it’s important to make defined eye-line. Use gel liquid liner which lasts for a long time and maintains defined eye-line, rather than pencil-liner which is susceptible to blurring.  
※When applying mascara, don’t forget under mascara that gives ‘pure & elegant’ Look. !

Lucky Winter Makeup(2) -step3


It’s weird to have pure eye makeup and dark and red lip makeup, right?
Apply Pink Lip gel which has similar color to shadow on lips and smack your lips to naturally blend the color.

Lucky Winter Makeup(2) -step4


We are not done yet!
Coat your nail with lovely trump design by using ‘Water Decal Decoration’ that we have learned in previous Spade Look!
Coat water on sticker ! Then Ta-da! Perfect design will be done on your nail after 30 sec♪