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How to care aftereffect of Vacance

Super Blasting Vacance, Sun-Burnt skin!!!

It’s September, the beginning of autumn
You wish to be a chic woman wearing white shirt and trench coat and enjoying autumn
but your sun-burnt face is under the aftereffect of summer vacance
Here’s the solution for your problem.
Water melon, the fruit of summer,
has lots of minerals in its inner peel, which has outstanding quality for moisturizing, thus, is great for soothing sun-burnt-skin.
Let’s learn <how to care aftereffect of vacance> to sooth +whiten skin.

How to care aftereffect of Vacance  STEP 1 Image


Slice the greenish inner peel of watermelon. Wash them with cold water, then put them in the fridge.
After 30 minutes, place the peel on forehead, under the eyes, cheek and chin and remove them after 10 minutes.

How to care aftereffect of Vacance  STEP 2 Image


Apply facial mist while putting the peel on the face. Spray enough amount until small droplets form on face.

How to care aftereffect of Vacance  STEP 1 Image


When you are done with soothing skin with the peel, apply high functional product for finishing up. This will make skin even more radiant.
Apply highly enriched White Plus Spot Ample, which contains vitamin C derivatives, to nourish skin. Pump it for 2 to 3 times and apply the product while giving gentle massage.

Tip. Upon opening the product and using it for the first time, press the pump until it clicks.