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Girls on the beach!

Water Proof Makeup for Beach

Water proof makeup that swimming & sweat cannot remove

vacation season has finally come♪
It is exciting to just think about having fun in the seaside.
Jelly Pact is born for this season to complete water-proof makeup that swimming can never remove!
You are about to go to Water Park with your boyfriend, and worried that makeup would get removed.
“Should I show my face without makeup to him?”
Don’t worry! You are now free from this ages-old worries.
Let’s do perfect water proof makeup with Jelly Pact that survives in swimming pool and even in the sauna!
Waterproof makeup that survives swimming and sweat is done!
Let’s enjoy fun vacation?

Water Proof Makeup for Beach STEP 1 Image


Shake LANEIGE Multi Sun Moose and put the content on the palm.
Apply twice on the face using cotton pad.

Water Proof Makeup for Beach STEP 1 Image


By using the puff for Jelly Pact, apply Satin Cover Jelly Pact to the wide area of your face, as if you were rolling the eraser.
Carefully press the curved areas such as around the eyes, around lips and the tip of the nose, then it would spread well without going cakey.
For thin and perfect cover, don’t forget to ROLL and then PRESS!

Water Proof Makeup for Beach STEP 3 Image


In sweaty summer, eyebrows get removed so easily.
To prevent this, gently press Jelly Pact on the drawn eyebrows, then water proof makeup is done!