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Girls on the beach!

Sunglass Makeup

How to keep makeup radiant while wearing sunglass

The burning sun and radiant sunlight ♪
Sunglasses are summer essential item.
How should we do makeup when wearing sunglass?
Wearing full-makeup leaves stains on the glasses and Wearing no-makeup makes you shy in the indoors.
What gives you the biggest worries when wearing sunglasses or glasses?
When you wearing mascara it stains the lenses and leaves marks on the nose.
However, you cannot be going out without makeup and wearing sunglasses all day
If you are a girl, you might be nodding now.
We present sunglass makeup tip that will solve all of these problems at once!
Let’s do it together!

Sunglass Makeup STEP 1 Image


First of all, wear light skin-care-products and sunblock, then apply Mini Pore Blurring Tightener to the parts that touch the sunglasses (bridge of the nose, side of the nose, cheek).
Mini Pore Blurring Tightener can prevent makeup from being pressed and removed because it has primer function as well as skin-care.  

Sunglass Makeup STEP 2 Image


Pat Satin Loose Powder on the area where you have applied Mini Pore Blurring Tightener to prevent it from going oily.
Apply powder to the lips to make the color neutral, thereby lipstick will express more vivid color in the next step.  

Sunglass Makeup STEP 3 Image


Apply Two Tone Lip Bar to the lips wearing powder to complete bright sunglass makeup.
When applying Two Tone Lip Bar, have the darker tone touch the inner side of your lips!