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Super simple goddess makeup

Ultra-simple, 3-step makeup that will turn you into a beauty queen at a ski resort

How to  grab others’ attention at the snow-covered fields of a ski resort?
Heavy bling-bling party makeup is NG!
What is the secret of ultra-simple goddess makeup that can be completed in 3 steps?

Super simple goddess makeup STEP 1 Image


Choose BB cream that is close to your skin tone and apply a small amount on the forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, and chin in little dots and thinly spread with your fingertips.

Tip. Do not apply color base that is too bright since it may make your skin tone look unnatural. Choose a base close to your skin tone. It is OK to apply makeup base instead of BB cream.

Super simple goddess makeup STEP 2 Image


This time, apply concealer that is brighter than your skin tone on the T-zone in a cross-shaped line. Thinly spread with your fingertips to define your facial contour with a natural highlighting effect.

Super simple goddess makeup STEP 3 Image


How about applying dark red lipstick over natural base makeup? NO~
Apply a liberal amount of moisturizing lip balm onto the lips for moist, younger-looking lips.