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How to wear water in summer

Here are two formulas that you need to remember in order to protect your skin against skin irritation caused by dry indoor air resulting from hot temperature outside and air conditioner inside, UV rays and particulate matter in summer.


24h Moisture Layering

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24-hour-long moisture layering

The first rule to keep the skin hydrated is timing and the second rule is layering. Make sure that you start your skincare routine before the skin dries after washing. In the morning, gently wipe the face with Basic Line Skin Rener and apply Basic Line Emulsion. Apply a thin layer of Water Bank Gel Cream over the whole face and then another layer to any areas lacking moisture, for example the cheeks and the edge of the face. In the evening, apply Basic Line Skin Refiner and Emulsion as you did in the morning, apply Water Bank Gel Cream and lastly put a thick layer of Water Sleeping Mask before going to bed. The next morning, you will nd your skin looking fresh, clean and glowing with dewiness.


All Day Strong Skin

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Layering to strengthen the skin barrier

Is washing the face after coming back home enough to keep the skin healthy? No. In fact, the skin starts to get damaged within an hour after being exposed to particulate matter and external irritants. If you want to ensure the health of your skin, use All Day Anti Pollution Defensor at the last step of your morning skincare routine before going outside. LANEIGE’s unique Dust Block™ technology repels negatively-charged particulate matter to protect the skin all day long. All Day Anti Pollution Defensor alone can block UV rays, protect the skin against external irritants and help retain moisture in the skin for daily use. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen when staying outside for prolonged periods or during travel for better protection of the skin.

How’s the skin in the summer

1. The skin feels more dry inside

As the temperature rises in the summer, the skin always feels dry inside. To keep the skin moist, it is important to lower the skin temperature and use a moisturizer that helps hold moisture inside the skin.

2. More oily and sticky sebum

The skin can get messy in the summer because the amount of sebum increases to protect the skin from UV rays, as a result, dead skin cells start to build up. These make the skin dull, rough, which can cause skin troubles.

3. Particulate matter keeps no calendar

Particulate matter comes from exhausted gas, smoke and air pollutant, but it is overlooked in the summer when the view is clearer than in spring. But, you must not forget to keep your skin protected in the summer.

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